RAD Studio VCL Reference
SysUtils.FloatToDecimal Function

Converts a floating-point value to a decimal representation.

procedure FloatToDecimal(var Result: TFloatRec; const Value; ValueType: TFloatValue; Precision: Integer; Decimals: Integer);
FloatToDecimal(TFloatRec Result, const  Value, TFloatValue ValueType, int Precision, int Decimals);

FloatToDecimal converts a floating-point value to a decimal representation that is suited for further formatting.  

The Value parameter must be a variable of type Extended or System::Currency, as indicated by the ValueType parameter.  

For values of type Extended, the Precision parameter specifies the requested number of significant digits in the result--the allowed range is 1..18. For values of type System::Currency, the Precision parameter is ignored, and the implied precision of the conversion is 19 digits.  

The Decimals parameter specifies the requested maximum number of digits to the left of the decimal point in the result. Precision and Decimals together control how the result is rounded. To produce a result that always has a given number of significant digits regardless of the magnitude of the number, specify 9999 for the Decimals parameter. 


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