RAD Studio VCL Reference
SysUtils.AnsiStrLIComp Function

Compares two strings, case-insensitively, up to the first MaxLen bytes.

function AnsiStrLIComp(S1: PAnsiChar; S2: PAnsiChar; MaxLen: Cardinal): Integer; overload;
function AnsiStrLIComp(S1: PWideChar; S2: PWideChar; MaxLen: Cardinal): Integer;
int AnsiStrLIComp(PAnsiChar S1, PAnsiChar S2, unsigned MaxLen);
int AnsiStrLIComp(PWideChar S1, PWideChar S2, unsigned MaxLen);

AnsiStrLIComp compares S1 to S2, without case sensitivity. If S1 or S2 is longer than MaxLen characters, AnsiStrLIComp only compares up to the first MaxLen characters. The compare operation is controlled by the current locale. The return value is:

Return Value 
S1 > S2  
> 0  
S1 < S2  
< 0  
S1 = S2 (up to MaxLen characters)  
= 0  

Note: This function supports multi-byte character sets (MBCS).
Note: AnsiStrLIComp can continue the comparison beyond a null terminating character if S1 and S2 are equal up to a null character and the null character occurs before MaxLen bytes.

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