RAD Studio VCL Reference
SysUtils.AnsiStrComp Function

Compares null-terminated character strings.

function AnsiStrComp(S1: PAnsiChar; S2: PAnsiChar): Integer;
function AnsiStrComp(S1: PWideChar; S2: PWideChar): Integer;
int AnsiStrComp(PAnsiChar S1, PAnsiChar S2);
int AnsiStrComp(PWideChar S1, PWideChar S2);

AnsiStrComp compares S1 to S2, with case sensitivity. The compare operation is controlled by the current locale. The return value is:

Return Value 
S1 > S2  
> 0  
S1 < S2  
< 0  
S1 = S2  
= 0  

Note: Most locales consider lowercase characters to be less than the corresponding uppercase characters. This is in contrast to ASCII order, in which lowercase characters are greater than uppercase characters.
Note: This function supports multi-byte character sets (MBCS).

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