RAD Studio VCL Reference
SysUtils.AnsiCompareFileName Function

Compares file names based on the current locale.

function AnsiCompareFileName(const S1: string; const S2: string): Integer;
int AnsiCompareFileName(const AnsiString S1, const AnsiString S2);

AnsiCompareFileName compares two file names. The current locale controls the compare operation. Comparison is case-insensitive under Windows, case-sensitive under Linux. 

The return value is:

Return Value 
S1 > S2  
> 0  
S1 < S2  
< 0  
S1 = S2  
= 0  

AnsiCompareFileName supports the idiosyncrasies of MS-DOS file names that use Zenkaku Moji, a character encoding used in some Asian locales. Under Windows locales that do not use MBCS, AnsiCompareFileName is identical to AnsiCompareText. Under Linux, AnsiCompareFileName is identical to AnsiCompareStr


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