RAD Studio VCL Reference
SysUtils.AdjustLineBreaks Function

Adjusts line break characters to reflect Windows or Linux style.

function AdjustLineBreaks(const S: string; Style: TTextLineBreakStyle = tlbsCRLF): string; overload;
AnsiString AdjustLineBreaks(const AnsiString S, TTextLineBreakStyle Style = tlbsCRLF);

AdjustLineBreaks returns a text string with its line breaks adjusted to fit a specified style.  

S is the string to convert. 

Style indicates whether line breaks should all be Windows-style line breaks with a carriage return and linefeed (tlbsCRLF), or Linux-style breaks with a single linefeed character (tlbsLF). If Style is omitted, the style for the compile target is used. 


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