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TCustomCombo Class

TCustomCombo is the base class for all combo boxes.

TCustomCombo = class(TCustomListControl);
class TCustomCombo : public TCustomListControl;

Use TCustomCombo as a base class when defining a control that represents a specialized combo box. A combo box is an edit box with a scrollable list attached to it; users can select an item from the list or type directly into the edit box. Combo boxes can present the list as a drop-down list or as a list box that is always visible. 

Typically, combo box classes do not descend directly from TCustomCombo. Rather, they descend from one of TCustomCombo's descendants, TCustomComboBox or TCustomComboBoxEx. Use TCustomCombo as a base class for a simple combo box, or TCustomComboBoxEx as a base class for a combo box that supports the extended combo box features such as images on the list entries. 

Do not create instances of TCustomCombo. To put a combo box in a form, use a descendant of TCustomCombo, such as TComboBox or TComboBoxEx. 


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