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SqlTimSt.TSQLTimeStamp Record

TSQLTimeStamp represents time and date values with a high degree of accuracy.

TSQLTimeStamp = packed record
  Year: SmallInt;
  Month: Word;
  Day: Word;
  Hour: Word;
  Minute: Word;
  Second: Word;
  Fractions: LongWord;
struct TSQLTimeStamp {
  SmallInt Year;
  Word Month;
  Word Day;
  Word Hour;
  Word Minute;
  Word Second;
  LongWord Fractions;

The dbExpress database drivers use TSQLTimeStamp when working with date and time information. Year specifies a year from 1 to 9999. Month specifies a month from 1 to 12. Day specifies a day of the month, from 1 through 28, 29, 30, or 31, depending on the Month value. Hour specifies the hour from 0 to 23. Minute and Second can range from 0 to 59. Fractions specifies milliseconds from 0 to 999. 

You can create a Variant that represents a TSQLTimeStamp value using the VarSQLTimeStampCreate function. In fact, the easiest way to manipulate TSQLTimeStamp values is to create such a Variant and use the built-in operators provided by the Variant type. 


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