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SqlExpr Namespace

This is namespace SqlExpr.

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SPParamDesc describes a parameter to a stored procedure that is accessed using dbExpress. 
This is class SqlExpr.TConnectionData. 
TCustomSQLDataSet is the base class for all dbExpress dataset components. 
This is class SqlExpr.TFLDDesc. 
TSQLBlobStream lets applications read from or write to BLOB fields in a client dataset. 
TSQLConnection encapsulates a dbExpress connection to a database server. 
TSQLDataLink allows a unidirectional dataset act as the detail in a master/detail relationship. 
TSQLDataSet represents data retrieved using dbExpress. 
TSQLMonitor intercepts messages that pass between an SQL connection component and a database server and saves them in a string list. 
TSQLQuery represents a query that is executed using dbExpress. 
TDataSet used to call DataSnap server methods. 
TSQLStoredProc represents a stored procedure that is executed using dbExpress. 
TSQLTable represents a database table that is accessed using dbExpress. 
This is class SqlExpr.TTransactionItem. 
This is constant SqlExpr.BlobTypeMap. 
This is constant SqlExpr.DataTypeMap. 
This is constant SqlExpr.DefaultCursor. 
This is constant SqlExpr.DefaultMaxBlobSize. 
DefaultRowsetSize represents the default row buffering size. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLAutoIncr. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLDefault. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLFunction. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLLocal. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLNonUnique. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLPackage. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLPrimaryKey. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLProcedure. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLRowId. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLRowVersion. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLSynonym. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLSysProcedure. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLSystemTable. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLTable. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLTempTable. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLUnique. 
This is constant SqlExpr.eSQLView. 
This is constant SqlExpr.FldSubTypeMap. 
This is constant SqlExpr.FldTypeMap. 
This is constant SqlExpr.HourGlassCursor. 
This is constant SqlExpr.SAnd. 
This is constant SqlExpr.SOrderBy. 
This is constant SqlExpr.SParam. 
This is constant SqlExpr.SSelect. 
This is constant SqlExpr.SSelectSpaces. 
This is constant SqlExpr.SSelectStar. 
This is constant SqlExpr.SSelectStarFrom. 
This is constant SqlExpr.SUB_TYPE_MEMO. 
This is constant SqlExpr.SWhere. 
This is constant SqlExpr.TErrorMessageSize. 
Frees a list of procedure parameters that is allocated by GetProcedureParams. 
This is function SqlExpr.GetConnectionNames. 
This is function SqlExpr.GetConnectionRegistryFile. 
This is function SqlExpr.GetDelegateDriverNames. 
Populates a string list with the names of all available dbExpress drivers. 
This is function SqlExpr.GetDriverRegistryFile. 
Fills a TParams object with information from a list of parameter descriptors. 
This is record SqlExpr.EConnectFlag. 
TConnectionState describes the state of a TSQLConnection component. 
This is record SqlExpr.TConnectionUserType. 
TSchemaType and TSchemaInfo describe schema information (metadata) to access using dbXpress. 
TSQLExceptionType indicates the type of operation that leads to an ESQLException exception. 
This is record SqlExpr.TSQLSchemaInfo. 
TTableScopes and TTableScopess indicate the types of tables for which to fetch metadata. 
This is record SqlExpr.TTransactionDesc. 
This enumerated type (in C++) or type (in Delphi) identifies degree to which transactions are isolated from each other. 
SQLResult is the return type for dbExpress function calls. 
This is type SqlExpr.TFieldDescList. 
This is type SqlExpr.TFieldList. 
This is type SqlExpr.TGetDriverFunc. 
This is type SqlExpr.TLocale. 
TLocaleCode identifies a locale, which imposes a sort order on data. 
This is type SqlExpr.TParseInsertSqlEvent. 
This is type SqlExpr.TParseSqlEvent. 
This is type SqlExpr.TSQLConnectionLoginEvent. 
This is type SqlExpr.TTableScopes. 
This is type SqlExpr.TTraceEvent. 
This is type SqlExpr.TTraceLogEvent. 
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