RAD Studio VCL Reference
Messages.TWMPaint Record

TWMPaint represents a Windows Paint message.

TWMPaint = packed record
  Msg: Cardinal;
  DC: HDC;
  Unused: Longint;
  Result: Longint;
struct TWMPaint {
  unsigned Msg;
  Longint Unused;
  Longint Result;

TWMPaint is the data structure used for all Windows Paint messages. The Msg field is the Windows message code. The DC field specifies handle to the device context that should be used for painting. This value should be assigned as the Handle property of the canvas of the object that needs painting. If DC is null, a valid device context must be obtained by calling the Windows API BeginPaint. The Unused field is not used. The Result field holds the value returned by the application processing the message. 


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