RAD Studio VCL Reference
Messages.TWMNotify Record

TWMNotify represents a Windows notification message.

TWMNotify = packed record
  Msg: Cardinal;
  IDCtrl: Longint;
  NMHdr: PNMHdr;
  Result: Longint;
struct TWMNotify {
  unsigned Msg;
  Longint IDCtrl;
  PNMHdr NMHdr;
  Longint Result;

TWMNotify is the data structure used for all Windows notification messages. The Msg field is the Windows message code. The IDCtrl field is the resource ID of the control that sent the notification. The NMHdr field is a pointer to a notification header. This data structure has three members: hwndFrom, which is the window handle of the control that sent the notification, idFrom, which is the same as the IDCtrl field of TWMNotify, and code, which is the notification code. The notification code’s meaning depends on the type of control that sent the message. The Result field holds the value returned by the application processing the message. 


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