RAD Studio VCL Reference
TMenuItem.Hint Property

Specifies the text string that can appear when the user moves the mouse pointer over a menu item.

property Hint: string;
__property AnsiString Hint;

Set Hint to a string that provides more information about the meaning of the menu item than the Caption. The hint text appears in the Status Bar when the user pauses with the mouse over the menu item if Help Hints are enabled (that is, if the Form's and the Application's ShowHint properties are true). It is also available for the code in the application's OnHint event handler. 

The value of Hint can specify both a short value for the Help Hint window and a longer string to be used by the OnHint event handler. To provide both a short and a long hint, set Hint to the short string, followed by a vertical bar (|), followed by the long string.

Note: This property is not stored with the menu item if it is supplied by a TAction object.


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