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TCustomMaskEdit Class

TCustomMaskEdit is the base type for edit controls that provide a mask for checking the validity of text typed into the control.

TCustomMaskEdit = class(TCustomEdit);
class TCustomMaskEdit : public TCustomEdit;

TCustomMaskEdit introduces new properties and methods to expand the capabilities of TCustomEdit for validity checking using an edit mask. To create an edit control that takes advantage of the masking capabilities of TCustomMaskEdit, use a TMaskEdit object. To create an edit control that does not validate the input, use the TEdit object instead. 

Do not create instances of TCustomMaskEdit. Use TCustomMaskEdit as a base class when declaring control objects that implement a masked edit control. Properties and methods of TCustomMaskEdit provide basic behavior that descendant classes inherit as well as behavior that components can override to customize their behavior. 


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