RAD Studio VCL Reference
TMediaPlayer.AutoOpen Property

Determines if the media player is opened automatically when the application is run.

property AutoOpen: Boolean;
__property Boolean AutoOpen;

Use AutoOpen to have the media player automatically open at runtime. 

If AutoOpen is true, the media player attempts to open the multimedia device specified by the DeviceType property (or FileName if DeviceType is dtAutoSelect) when the form containing the media player component is created at runtime.  

If AutoOpen is false, the device must be opened with a call to the Open method. 

If an error occurs when opening the device, an exception of type EMCIDeviceError exception is raised that contains the error message. Upon completion, a numerical error code is stored in the Error property, and the corresponding error message is stored in the ErrorMessage property. 

The Wait property determines whether control is returned to the application before opening the multimedia device. The Notify property determines whether opening the device generates an OnNotify event. 


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