RAD Studio VCL Reference
ISOAPHeaders.Get Method (InvString, InvString)

Retrieves a header from an incoming message.

procedure Get(Cls: TClass; out Hdr: TSOAPHeader); overload;
function Get(Cls: TClass): TSOAPHeader; overload;
function Get(const Name: InvString; const URI: InvString): TSOAPHeader; overload;
__fastcall Get(TClass Cls, TSOAPHeader Hdr);
__fastcall TSOAPHeader Get(TClass Cls);
__fastcall TSOAPHeader Get(const InvString Name, const InvString URI);

Call Get to access the header object that is automatically created to represent one of the headers on an incoming messages. On the server, this is a header on the request message. On the client, this is a header on the response message. 

Cls is the class reference that indicates the type of header class you want to retrieve. Each header class corresponds to a type of header, where the type name under which the class is registered corresponds to the name of the header node. 

Hdr returns a TSOAPHeader descendant that represents the header of the incoming message. If this syntax is not used, Get returns the header instance. 

Name is the name of the header (the node name for the header node) that you want to retrieve. 

URI is the URI for the namespace in which Name is defined. 


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