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THTMLTableAttributes.AssignTo Method

Copies the properties of a THTMLTableAttributes object to another THTMLTableAttributes object.

procedure AssignTo(Dest: TPersistent); override;
virtual __fastcall AssignTo(TPersistent * Dest);

Applications cannot call the protected AssignTo method. To assign the properties of a THTMLTableAttributes object to another object, use the Assign method of the destination object.  

When the Assign method of another object specifies a THTMLTableAttributes object as the source of the assignment, the AssignTo method of the THTMLTableAttributes object is called. AssignTo checks whether the Dest parameter is another THTMLTableAttributes object, and if so, copies the values of the Align, Border, CellSpacing, CellPadding, and Width properties. If Dest is any other class of object, the inherited method is called.

Note: AssignTo does not copy the Custom property.


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