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TWebRequest Class

TWebRequest is the base class for all objects that represent client request information that is passed to a Web server application.

TWebRequest = class(TObject);
class TWebRequest : public TObject;

Use a descendant of TWebRequest to interpret an HTTP request message. 

Web application objects create TWebRequest objects to capture client requests. The properties of the TWebRequest objects are obtained from the HTTP request message. The Web application uses TWebRequest objects to create corresponding TWebResponse objects. The TWebDispatcher for the application then invokes the TWebActionItem that is associated with the PathInfo of the TWebRequest object. 

TWebRequest has several descendants which represent client requests for different types of Web server applications. These descendants are 

TApacheRequest objects for Apache server applications. 

TCGIRequest objects for CGI server applications. 

TISAPIRequest objects for DLLs that respond to the ISAPI or NSAPI servers (Windows only).  

TWinCGIRequest objects for Windows-based CGI servers (Windows only). 


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