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TAbstractWebModuleFactory Class

TAbstractWebModuleFactory is the base class for all Web module factory objects.

TAbstractWebModuleFactory = class;
class TAbstractWebModuleFactory;

All WebSnap modules are registered with the WebSnap application using a factory object. In Delphi, the factory object is typically created in the initialization section of the module source file. The factory object is responsible for creating Web module instance. Applications can set flags for each factory object to indicate when it should create instances of its Web module and whether it can cache Web module instance for reuse with subsequent request messages.  

Do not create instances of TAbstractWebModuleFactory. Most of its methods are abstract or, in C++ terminology, pure virtual, meaning they have no implementation. Instead, create instances of a TAbstractWebModuleFactory descendant such as TWebDataModuleFactory, TWebAppDataModuleFactory, TWebPageModuleFactory, or TWebAppPageModuleFactory. Each of these classes includes an implementation of the abstract or pure virtual methods, and represents group of Web module factories. These groups are based on whether the Web module factory generates the single application Web module (which contains the components to dispatch HTTP request messages), and it generates a Web module that creates a Web page. 


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