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TCustomDrawGrid Class

TCustomDrawGrid is the base class for grids that publish events for painting and manipulating the cells in the grid.

TCustomDrawGrid = class(TCustomGrid);
class TCustomDrawGrid : public TCustomGrid;

Use TCustomDrawGrid as a base class when defining grid components that publish events for painting or manipulating the cells in the grid. TCustomDrawGrid introduces a number of events and methods that take advantage of the tabular organization of the grid in responding to user actions. 

Do not create instances of TCustomDrawGrid. Instead, put a grid control in a form by instantiating a descendant of TCustomDrawGrid. Use TDrawGrid to represent non-textual material in a tabular grid. For text, use a TStringGrid object. If the text represents field values from a dataset, use TDBGrid. If you are displaying Name/Value pairs, use TValueListEditor. 


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