RAD Studio VCL Reference
TPicture Class

TPicture contains a bitmap, icon, metafile graphic, or user-defined graphic.

class TPicture : public TInterfacedPersistent, public IStreamPersist;

TPicture is a TGraphic container, used to hold a graphic, the type of which is specified in the Graphic property. It is used in place of a TGraphic if the graphic can be of any TGraphic class. LoadFromFile and SaveToFile are polymorphic. For example, if the TPicture is holding an Icon, it is valid to LoadFromFile a bitmap file, where the class TIcon can only read .ICO files. 

If the TPicture contains a bitmap graphic, the Bitmap property specifies the graphic. If the TPicture contains an icon graphic, the Icon property specifies the graphic. If the TPicture contains a metafile graphic, the Metafile property specifies the graphic. 

The properties of TPicture indicate the type of graphic that the picture object contains, and its size. The methods of TPicture are used to load, save, and manipulate graphics. 

To load or save a picture to the Clipboard, use the Assign method of a TClipboard object. 

To draw a picture on a canvas, call the Draw or StretchDraw methods of a TCanvas object, passing the Graphic property of a TPicture as a parameter. 


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