RAD Studio VCL Reference
TMetafile Class

TMetafile is an encapsulation of the Win32 Enhanced metafile.

TMetafile = class(TGraphic);
class TMetafile : public TGraphic;

TMetafile contains a metafile graphic (EMF file format). 

Properties of TMetafile indicate the size and characteristics of the metafile. 

To draw a metafile on a canvas, call the Draw or StretchDraw methods of a TCanvas object, passing a TMetafile as a parameter. The Enhanced property determines how the metafile will be stored on disk. If Enhanced is true, the metafile is stored as an .EMF (Win32 Enhanced Metafile) file. If Enhanced is false, the metafile is stored as a .WMF (Windows 3.1 Metafile, with Aldus header). 


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