RAD Studio VCL Reference
TScrollingWinControl.AlignControls Method

Aligns the controls in the scrolling windowed control.

procedure AlignControls(AControl: TControl; var ARect: TRect); override;
virtual __fastcall AlignControls(TControl * AControl, TRect ARect);

Use AlignControls to align the controls in the scrolling control according to the values of their Align properties. 

AControl specifies the control that takes precedence in alignment when other controls have the same Align value. AControl can be nil (Delphi) or NULL (C++). 

ARect indicates the area in the scrolling control that contains the controls to align. ARect is automatically set to the entire area of the scrolling control. 

If AutoScroll is true and the scrolling control is not being resized, the ranges of the scroll bars on the scrolling control are automatically recalculated. 

After recalculating the ranges of the scroll bars and setting the value of ARect, AlignControls calls the inherited AlignControls method, passing the AControl and ARect objects. 


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