RAD Studio VCL Reference
TScreen Class

TScreen represents the state of the screen in which an application runs.

[RootDesignerSerializerAttribute('', '', False)]
TScreen = class(TComponent);
[RootDesignerSerializerAttribute('', '', False)]
class TScreen : public TComponent;

TScreen introduces properties that keep track of 

What forms and data modules have been instantiated by the application. 

The active form, and the active control within that form. 

The size and resolution of the screen. 

The cursors and fonts available for the application to use. 

The monitors on which the application's forms can appear, including their dimensions. 

There is a global variable, Screen, of type TScreen, which is already instantiated for use by GUI applications. Use Screen to obtain information about the current state of the screen in an application. 


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