RAD Studio VCL Reference
TParam.AsFMTBCD Property

Specifies the value of the parameter when it represents a binary-coded decimal (BCD) field with more than 4 decimal places or 20 significant digits

property AsFMTBCD: TBcd;
__property TBcd AsFMTBCD;

Set AsFMTBCD to assign the value for a BCD field to the parameter when the BCD field is represented by a TFMTBCDField object. TFMTBCDField objects and the AsFMTBCD property use a true BCD type to represent the value of BCD fields. This is more accurate but slower than the Currency type used by TBCDField and the AsBCD property. Setting AsFMTBCD sets the DataType property to ftFMTBCD. 

Read the AsFMTBCD property to determine the value that was assigned to an output parameter, represented as a TBcd type. The value of the parameter is converted to a TBcd value if possible.

Tip: If the BCD field uses less than 4 decimal places or 20 significant digits, you can achieve better performance by using a TBCDField object and the AsBCD property instead.


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