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TParam Class

TParam represents a field parameter for a query or stored procedure.

TParam = class(TCollectionItem);
class TParam : public TCollectionItem;

Use the properties of a TParam to set the value of a parameter that represents the value of a field. Datasets that represent queries and stored procedures create TParam objects to represent the parameters of their query or stored procedures. Client datasets use TParam objects to pass parameter values to a source dataset.

Note: ADO-based datasets do not use TParam objects to represent parameter values. They use the TParameter class instead.
TParam shares many properties with TField, as both describe the value of a field in a dataset. However, a TField object has several properties to describe the field binding, and how the field is displayed, edited, or calculated that are not needed in a TParam object. Conversely, TParam includes properties that indicate how the field value is passed as a parameter. 


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