RAD Studio VCL Reference
TDataSet.GetFieldNames Method (TStrings)

Retrieves a list of names for all fields in a dataset.

procedure GetFieldNames(List: TStrings); virtual; overload;
procedure GetFieldNames(List: TWideStrings); virtual; overload;
virtual __fastcall GetFieldNames(TStrings List);
virtual __fastcall GetFieldNames(TWideStrings List);

Call GetFieldNames to get a list of names for all fields in a dataset. List is a TStrings object created and maintained by the application. For example, to load a list box with the field names of a table,




Retrieving a list of field names is especially useful for applications that work with datasets whose field objects are created dynamically at runtime. By retrieving a list of field names, the application can be restricted to working only with fields that exist at runtime.

Note: GetFieldNames does not add the names of any aggregated fields to the list.

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