RAD Studio VCL Reference
TDataSet.Delete Method

Deletes the active record and positions the dataset on the next record.

procedure Delete;
__fastcall Delete();

Call Delete to remove the active record from the database. If the dataset is inactive, Delete raises an exception. Otherwise, Delete:

  • Verifies that the dataset is not empty (and raises an exception if it is).
  • Calls CheckBrowseMode to post any pending changes to a prior record if necessary.
  • Calls the BeforeDelete event handler.
  • Deletes the record.
  • Frees any buffers allocated for the record.
  • Puts the dataset into dsBrowse mode.
  • Resynchronizes the dataset to make the next undeleted record active. If the record deleted was the last record in the dataset, then the previous record becomes the current record.
  • Calls the AfterDelete event handler.


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