RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCustomConnection.RegisterClient Method

Registers an object that uses the connection component.

procedure RegisterClient(Client: TObject; Event: TConnectChangeEvent = nil); virtual;
virtual __fastcall RegisterClient(TObject * Client, TConnectChangeEvent Event = nil);

RegisterClient is used internally to associate objects with the connection component. Registered components can supply an event handler that responds when the connection is created or terminated. 

Client is the object to register. If Client is a dataset, it is added to the DataSets property. 

Event is an event handler that is called after the connection is established or before it is terminated. 

Datasets call this method when they start using the connection component. For BDE-enabled datasets, ADO datasets, and dbExpress datasets, this is when they are activated. For client datasets, this is when the RemoteServer property is assigned. 


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