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IProviderSupport Interface

IProviderSupport is the interface that datasets use to enable a provider to represent them.

IProviderSupport = interface;
__interface IProviderSupport;

TDataSetProvider uses the IProviderSupport interface to interact with its associated dataset. Any dataset that implements the IProviderSupport interface can be connected to a client dataset or XML broker via a provider. Once the provider connects the dataset that supports IProvider to a client dataset, that client dataset can obtain data from the dataset and apply updates back to it or its database server. 

TDataSet, the base class for all datasets, includes support for IProviderSupport. This support appears as a set of protected methods. However, most of these methods are simple stubs that either do nothing or generate an exception. Most of the dataset classes (dbExpress datasets, BDE-enabled datasets, ADO-enabled datasets, and InterBase Express datasets) override these protected methods to implement the IProviderSupport interface in a more useful fashion. For datasets that simply rely on the implementation inherited from TDataSet (for example, client datasets), the provider should set its ResolveToDataSet property to true. 

Component writers that create their own custom descendants from TDataSet must override all appropriate IProviderSupport methods if their datasets are to work in an application server or connected to a client dataset or XML broker via a local provider. 


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