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TDBXValueTypeFlags Class

Flags used by TDBXValueType.

TDBXValueTypeFlags = class;
class TDBXValueTypeFlags;

These flags provide information about a TDBXValueType instance. The TDBXValueType.GetFlags method returns a bit mask of these flags logically ORed together. 

This table shows the flag constants.

Value is nullable  
Value is read only  
Value is searchable  
Value is autoincrement  
Value type is read only  
Value type is hidden  
Used internally to indicate that most recent value types should be used if applicable. Only used by the most up to date driver implementations since use of these types breaks old interfaces.  
Used internally to mark a server method in out parameter as being a descendant of TDBXWritableValue. These are nullable parameters, regardless of their type.  
Used to mark a parameter as being specified in the command text property as a literal value.  


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