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TDBXMetaDatabaseColumnNames Class

Column names for metadata.

TDBXMetaDatabaseColumnNames = class;
class TDBXMetaDatabaseColumnNames;

TDBXMetaDatabaseColumnNames provides column names to access various kinds of database metadata. 

This table contains column names in the metadata dataset for obtaining specific metadata.

Metadata column 
Deprecated. Use QuotePrefix and QuoteSuffix properties in TDBXDatabaseMetaData. Quote character used for quoting identifiers in the TDBXCommand.Text property  
Quote character used for quoting identifiers for stored procedures in the TDBXCommand.Text property.  
Maximum number of commands that can be created.  
Indicates whether the driver supports transactions.  
Indicates whether the driver supports nested transactions.  
Indicates whether TDBXCommand.RowSetSize property is supported to control row buffering when executing queries.  
Product version number in the format nn.nn.nnnn.  
Product name.  
Character to start a quoted identifier.  
Character to end a quoted identifier.  
Indicates whether lowercase identifiers are stored in lowercase characters on the database.  
Indicates whether uppercase identifiers are stored in uppercase characters on the database.  


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