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TDBXConnectionFactory Class

Abstract base class used for creating new instances of TDBXConnection

TDBXConnectionFactory = class;
class TDBXConnectionFactory;

This abstract base class can be used for creating new instances of TDBXConnection

TDBXConnection.GetConnectionFactory is a class static method that returns a TDBXConnectionFactory singleton. This singleton instance defaults to the TDBXIniFileConnectionFactory class. The dbxconnections.ini and dbxdrivers.ini files are loaded from the file names specified under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\TDBXRegistryKey windows registry setting. If this registry key is not set, the ini files are loaded from the location of the application's executable.  

A TDBXConnectionFactory manages a collection of named driver and connection property sets. A separate TDBXProperties object is used for each driver and connection property set. The driver properties contain enough information to load and instantiate a driver implementation. The connection properties include driver properties and contain enough information to instantiate a connection. 


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