RAD Studio VCL Reference
TDSTableProducer.BeginLayout Method

Increments a counter that indicates the number of times the computation of the column order was begun but not completed.

procedure BeginLayout;
__fastcall BeginLayout();

Applications cannot call this protected method. TDSTableProducer calls BeginLayout internally before making changes to the Columns property or any of the individual THTMLTableColumn objects in Columns. Once the change is complete, TDSTableProducer calls EndLayout.  

When all BeginLayout calls have been matched by a corresponding call to EndLayout, the field mapping maintained by DataLink for the fields in the dataset is updated to match both the field bindings of the Columns property and the fields available in the dataset. The Columns property is updated in turn to match the field bindings in DataLink. This ensures that the Columns property matches both the specified column bindings and the fields available in the dataset. 


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