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TSession.AddAlias Method

Adds a specified Borland Database Engine (BDE) alias to the session for an SQL database server.

procedure AddAlias(const Name: string; const Driver: string; List: TStrings);
__fastcall AddAlias(const AnsiString Name, const AnsiString Driver, TStrings List);

Call AddAlias at runtime to create a session-specific BDE alias for an SQL database server. Name is the unique name to assign to the alias. Driver is the name of the SQL Links database driver to use for the alias. List is a string list containing parameters for the alias. 

A session's ConfigMode property determines whether an alias is local to the session, or is available to all applications in the BDE persistent store as long as any BDE clients are active. To save an alias permanently, call the SaveConfigFile method before ending the session.

Note: Although AddAlias can be used to create a Paradox or dBASE alias, AddStandardAlias provides a simpler method for Paradox and dBASE alias creation.


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