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DBGrids Namespace

This is namespace DBGrids.

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TBookmarkList is a collection of bookmarks that identify a set of records in a dataset. 
TColumn represents a column in a data grid (TDBGrid). 
TColumnTitle represents the title of a data-grid column (TColumn). 
TCustomDBGrid is the base class for grid controls that display the records from a dataset in a tabular format. 
TDBGrid displays and manipulates records from a dataset in a tabular grid. 
TDBGridColumns represents a container for TColumn objects. 
TGridDataLink helps manage the link to a data source and maintain the field mapping for a TCustomDBGrid object. 
This is constant DBGrids.cm_DeferLayout. 
This is constant DBGrids.ColumnTitleValues. 
This is constant DBGrids.IndicatorWidth. 
TColumnButtonStyle indicates whether and how the user can select values for a column from a list. 
TColumnValue and TColumnValues indicate which properties on the column of a DB grid are persistent. 
TDBGridColumnsState indicates whether the columns in a DB grid dynamically reflect dataset fields. 
TDBGridOption and TDBGridOptions indicate display and behavioral property of a DB grid. 
TColumnClass defines the metaclass for TColumn
This is type DBGrids.TColumnValues. 
This is type DBGrids.TDBGridClickEvent. 
This is type DBGrids.TDBGridOptions. 
This is type DBGrids.TDrawColumnCellEvent. 
This is type DBGrids.TDrawDataCellEvent. 
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