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TCustomRemoteServer Class

TCustomRemoteServer is the base class for all components that connect to an application server in a multi-tiered database application.

TCustomRemoteServer = class(TCustomConnection);
class TCustomRemoteServer : public TCustomConnection;

Do not create instances of TCustomRemoteServer. TCustomRemoteServer introduces the properties and methods needed to connect to a remote application server and make its IAppServer interface available to one or more client datasets. Descendant classes, which are often called DataSnap connection components, override many of TCustomRemoteServer's methods to create or close connections to the application server and to manage the interface communication with the application server. 

To enable a client application to connect to an application server, use a descendant of TCustomRemoteServer such as TSOAPConnection, TSocketConnection, TWebConnection, or TDCOMConnection. 


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