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DBClient Namespace

This is namespace DBClient.

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EDBClient is the exception class for client dataset errors. 
EReconcileError is the exception class for client dataset update errors. 
TAggregate represents a maintained aggregate in a client dataset. 
TAggregates is a collection of TAggregate objects. 
TClientBlobStream lets applications read from or write to BLOB fields in a client dataset. 
TClientDataSet implements a database-independent dataset. 
TConnectionBroker centralizes the connection to an application server for a set of client datasets that all use the same connection. 
TCustomClientDataSet is the base class for datasets that cache their data in memory. 
TCustomRemoteServer is the base class for all components that connect to an application server in a multi-tiered database application. 
This is constant DBClient.AllParamTypes. 
This is constant DBClient.AllRecords. 
Converts a TParams object into an OleVariant that can be used in multi-tiered applications. 
Converts an OleVariant that represents a set of parameters into a TParams object. 
TDataPacketFormat indicates how information is encoded in a data packet or delta packet. 
This is record DBClient.TDataSetOption. 
TFetchOption and TFetchOptions indicate the type of information about a record that a client dataset can request. 
This is record DBClient.TKeyBuffer. 
This is record DBClient.TRecInfo. 
TReconcileAction indicates how a client dataset should handle a record whose update generated an error. 
This is record DBClient.TReconcileInfo. 
This is type DBClient.PKeyBuffer. 
This is type DBClient.PRecInfo. 
This is type DBClient.TAggUpdateEvent. 
This is type DBClient.TCDSKeyBuffer. 
This is type DBClient.TCDSRecInfo. 
This is type DBClient.TDataSetOptions. 
This is type DBClient.TFetchOptions. 
This is type DBClient.TFieldDescList. 
This is type DBClient.TGetUsernameEvent. 
This is type DBClient.TReconcileErrorEvent. 
This is type DBClient.TRemoteEvent. 
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