RAD Studio VCL Reference
TWinControl.GetSiteInfo Method

Generates an OnGetSiteInfo event

procedure GetSiteInfo(Client: TControl; var InfluenceRect: TRect; MousePos: TPoint; var CanDock: Boolean); dynamic;
__fastcall GetSiteInfo(TControl * Client, TRect InfluenceRect, TPoint MousePos, Boolean CanDock);

GetSiteInfo is called automatically during drag-and-dock operations to initialize a TDragDockObject with information about where a dragged object can be docked, if at all. 

Client is a potential docking client. 

InfluenceRect returns the area in which the client would be docked. 

MousePos is the current mouse position. 

CanDock returns whether the client can dock to the windowed control. 

As implemented in TWinControl, GetSiteInfo generates an influence rectangle equal to BoundsRect expanded by 10 pixels on every side, and then calls the OnGetSiteInfo event handler. 


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