RAD Studio VCL Reference
TWinControl.FlipChildren Method

Reverses the positions of child controls.

procedure FlipChildren(AllLevels: Boolean); dynamic;
__fastcall FlipChildren(Boolean AllLevels);

Call FlipChildren to flip the control's children; that is, to move children on the left side of the control to the right side and vice versa. FlipChildren reverses the position of all child controls and adjusts their Align properties, if necessary, to enforce the new position. 

AllLevels specifies whether FlipChildren should be called recursively on the control's children. 

FlipChildren can be used to reverse the layout of an application when it is running in Middle Eastern locales where users read from right to left instead of left to right: Call UseRightToLeftAlignment to determine whether the BiDiMode property dictates a reversal of alignment based on the system locale.

Note: FlipChildren does the same thing as the Flip Children command on the control's context menu in the IDE.


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