RAD Studio VCL Reference
TWinControl.DockReplaceDockClient Method

Invalidates the first dock site in the list of child controls.

function DockReplaceDockClient(Client: TControl; NewDockSite: TWinControl; DropControl: TControl; ControlSide: TAlign; ReplacementClient: TControl): Boolean; virtual;
virtual __fastcall Boolean DockReplaceDockClient(TControl * Client, TWinControl * NewDockSite, TControl * DropControl, TAlign ControlSide, TControl * ReplacementClient);

Currently, DockReplaceDockClient always returns False and has no effect as a member of the TWinControl class.  

Implement DockReplaceDockClient in descendant classes in order to manually replace Client with ReplacementClient. Also, manually dock Client to NewDockSite on the control specified by DropControl and using the alignment options given in ControlSide


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