RAD Studio VCL Reference
TWinControl.DockDrop Method

Generates an OnDockDrop event.

procedure DockDrop(Source: TDragDockObject; X: Integer; Y: Integer); dynamic;
__fastcall DockDrop(TDragDockObject Source, int X, int Y);

DockDrop is called automatically when a control is docked to the windowed control. It instructs the control that is being dropped to prepare for the dock operation and then generates an OnDockDrop event. 

Although you can override DockDrop to perform actions in addition to the generated OnDockDrop event, typically descendant classes override the DoAddDockClient method instead. This is because DoAddDockClient is called by the client after it has performed its own preparations, but before the OnDockDrop event. 

DockDrop is called only if DockSite is true. 


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