RAD Studio VCL Reference
TControl.ManualDock Method

Docks the control.

function ManualDock(NewDockSite: TWinControl; DropControl: TControl = nil; ControlSide: TAlign = alNone): Boolean;
__fastcall Boolean ManualDock(TWinControl * NewDockSite, TControl * DropControl = nil, TAlign ControlSide = alNone);

Use ManualDock to dock the control programmatically. ManualDock undocks the control from its current dock site, then docks the control to its new dock site. 

NewDockSite is the control's new dock site. 

DropControl is the control in the new dock site, if any, on which to drop the control. For example, when docking to a page control, DropControl would be a tab sheet. 

ControlSide specifies on which side of DropControl or NewDockSite (if DropControl is nil (Delphi) or NULL (C++)) the control should be docked. This value can be obtained by calling the dock site's GetDockEdge method. 


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