RAD Studio VCL Reference
TControl.DrawTextBiDiModeFlagsReadingOnly Method

Returns the text flag to add that indicates whether the control's text should read from right to left.

function DrawTextBiDiModeFlagsReadingOnly: Longint;
__fastcall Longint DrawTextBiDiModeFlagsReadingOnly();

Call DrawTextBiDiModeFlagsReadingOnly to determine whether the DT_RTLREADING flag should be added when calling the Windows API DrawText or when assigning the TextFlags property of a canvas. 

DrawTextBiDiModeFlagsReadingOnly returns the DT_RTLREADING flag or 0, depending on the value returned from the UseRightToLeftReading method. 

To obtain the text flags that indicate the bi-directional alignment as well as text direction for the control, use DrawTextBiDiModeFlags instead. 


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