RAD Studio VCL Reference
TControl.DrawTextBiDiModeFlags Method

Returns the text flags that reflect the current setting of the BiDiMode property.

function DrawTextBiDiModeFlags(Flags: Longint): Longint;
__fastcall Longint DrawTextBiDiModeFlags(Longint Flags);

Call DrawTextBiDiModeFlags to obtain a value for the TextFlags property of a canvas when drawing the control's text or caption. The return value can also be used with the Windows API DrawText function. 

Flags are the current text flags, unaltered by any bi-directional mode considerations. 

DrawTextBiDiModeFlags adds or removes the DT_RIGHT or DT_RTLREADING flags based on the values returned from the UseRightToLeftAlignment and UseRightToLeftReading methods. 


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