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Controls.TAlignInfo Record

TAlignInfo describes the alignment of a control within a parent.

TAlignInfo = record
  AlignList: TList;
  ControlIndex: Integer;
  Align: TAlign;
  Scratch: Integer;
struct TAlignInfo {
  TList AlignList;
  int ControlIndex;
  TAlign Align;
  int Scratch;

When a child with an Align property of alCustom is aligned within its containing component, the associated OnAlignPosition event invokes a TAlignPositionEvent procedure. A TAlignInfo value is passed to this procedure.  

AlignList is a list of the components within the parent that have the alCustom alignment. Each of these components will in turn invoke the OnAlignPosition event. 

ControlIndex is the AlignList index of the component currently generating the OnAlignPosition event. 

Align gives the alignment of that component - always alCustom. 

Scratch appears to be of internal use only. 


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