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IDockManager Interface

IDockManager is the interface for docking managers.

IDockManager = interface;
__interface IDockManager;

IDockManager handles the tasks of inserting and removing controls when they are docked to or undocked from a container control, including details such as positioning controls and any painting that is associated with docking operations. IDockManager is the type of a container control's DockManager property. 

Each docking manager is associated with a single TWinControl object. To use a docking manager, set the container control's UseDockManager property to true. An application can explicitly assign an object that implements the IDockManager interface as the value of a container control's DockManager property, or it can let the container control create its own docking manager.

Note: C++ declarations that use IDockManager use the _di_IDockManager type instead. This type is a DelphiInterface wrapper around the IDockManager interface:

typedef System::DelphiInterfaceDelphiInterface_object< IDockManager >  _di_IDockManager;


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