RAD Studio VCL Reference
TAutoObjectFactory.GetIntfEntry Method

Returns the entry for a specific interface implemented in a class.

function GetIntfEntry(Guid: TGUID): PInterfaceEntry; virtual;
virtual __fastcall PInterfaceEntry GetIntfEntry(TGUID Guid);

GetIntfEntry calls the GetInterfaceEntry method for the CoClass associated with the class factory. 

GetIntfEntry returns the entry for the interface, specified by the IID parameter, in the class. GetIntfEntry is used internally. It is rarely called directly. 

One use for this method is to describe to OLE how to automatically dispatch calls to a dual-IDispatch interface. An interface type name, such as IUnknown, can be supplied as the IID parameter since the compiler will replace the interface with the associated GUID. 


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