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TAutoIntfObject Class

TAutoIntfObject implements the IDispatch and ISupportErrorInfo interfaces.

TAutoIntfObject = class(TInterfacedObject, IDispatch, ISupportErrorInfo);
class TAutoIntfObject : public TInterfacedObject, public IDispatch, public ISupportErrorInfo;

TAutoIntfObject is used internally by objects that support dispatch interfaces. By implementing the IDispatch interface, TAutoIntfObject encapsulates the functionality of an Automation object. 

TAutoIntfObject does not have a class factory, so it can only be instantiated by calling the constructor. Objects that are externally instantiated typically have a class factory so that they can be instantiated in a standard way. 

TAutoIntfObject supports OLE exception handling through its implementation of the ISupportErrorInfo interface. 

TAutoIntfObject is similar to TAutoObject in that both classes implement the IDispatch and (directly or indirectly) ISupportErrorInfo interfaces and both require a type library to support dual interfaces. TAutoIntfObject differs from TAutoObject in that it does not have a class factory. 

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