RAD Studio VCL Reference
TToolBar.ChangeScale Method

Repositions and resizes the toolbar by a specified ratio.

procedure ChangeScale(M: Integer; D: Integer); override;
virtual __fastcall ChangeScale(int M, int D);

Use ChangeScale to change the scale of the toolbar. 

ChangeScale modifies the position and size of a toolbar as well as rescaling the buttons. Thus, ChangeScale modifies the Top, Left, Width, and Height properties. 

The M and D parameters define a fraction by which to scale the control. The M parameter is the multiplier and the D parameter is the divisor. For example, to make a control 75% of its original size, specify the value of M as 75, and the value of D as 100 (75/100). Alternately, the same results are achieved by specifying the value of M as 3, and the value of D as 4 (3/4). Both fractions are equal and result in the control being scaled by the same amount, 75%. 


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