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TRichEdit Class

TRichEdit is a wrapper for a Windows rich text edit control.

TRichEdit = class(TCustomRichEdit);
class TRichEdit : public TCustomRichEdit;

Use a TRichEdit object to put a standard Windows rich text edit control on a form. Rich text edit controls let the user enter text that includes variation in font attributes and paragraph formatting information. 

TRichEdit provides the properties and methods to enter and work with rich text. TRichEdit does not provide any user interface components to make these formatting options available to the user. Applications must implement the user interface components to surface the rich text capabilities of a TRichEdit object. To make this easier, a number of pre-defined standard actions operate on a rich edit control to perform common formatting tasks. 

TRichEdit publishes many of the properties inherited from TCustomRichEdit, but does not introduce any new behavior. 

TRichEdit supports Rich Edit 2.0. 


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