RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCoolBar.FlipChildren Method

Flips the control's children.

procedure FlipChildren(AllLevels: Boolean); override;
virtual __fastcall FlipChildren(Boolean AllLevels);

FlipChildren overrides the inherited method in order to prevent the flipping of the control bar's children. 

Applications call FlipChildren to flip the control's children; that is, to move children on the left side of the control to the right side and vice versa. If an application calls the FlipChildren method of the cool bar's parent, passing in true for the AllLevels parameter, then the cool bar's FlipChildren method is called along with the FlipChildren method of any sibling controls. Because of their special nature, cool bar controls do not respond to the FlipChildren command.

Note: FlipChildren does the same thing as the Flip Children command on the context menu in the IDE.


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